Hello, Spooky Friends!

Do you love Halloween and live life to the spookiest?
You've come to the right place because our shop exists for you, spooky friend
Much like you, we live for Halloween, Horror, and all things Gothic.
We're a skeleton crew, based in Orlando, FL - one of the hottest places to be goth and wear black clothing under the scorching sun. But it doesn't stop our dark, black hearts.
We love what we do and are grateful for the support shown to our art.

Spooky Cat Press Artist-Owned Spooky Gift Shop

A little about us:
Spooky Cat Press
is an artist-owned Gothic & Horror e-commerce brand with all the essentials for spooky gifting. Like many gothic & horror fanatics, we dream of Halloween forever. We want to tastefully integrate all our favorite spooky themes into elevated, gifting products that will bring ghoulish joy to horror-loving goths like yourself! Our goal with this little e-shop is fill this special niche, and create a shared sensibility for beautifully designed spooky-themed goodies made for every occasion and holiday.

Our Orlando design studio was founded on the ideals of creating art and products that we are passionate about. We believe in the power of our creativity and collaboration. From concept sketching to packing orders, our tiny team is involved in every aspect the business.
We sweat every detail to bring the best to our loyal customers and spooky community.

Every spooky card you buy will spread joy to goths, weirdos, outcasts, black sheeps...even normies with a sense of humor!

Spooky Cat's Team



Co-Founder / Owner / Creative Lead

Sandi comes from a product development background specializing in branding & packaging, print & pattern, and apparel illustration. She's the creative director AND the order fulfiller (and lot of other fun stuff too :)  A FIDM Alumni and Ravenclaw.

Terrence Horan, Co-Founder of Spooky Cat Press


Co-Founder / Owner / Lead Artist

Terrence the illustrator behind most of Spooky Cat's art. He studied Illustration at SCAD and has spent his professional career in News Design and Illustration. His true passion has always been dark humor and creating spooky illustrations.

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Social Media & Event Coordinator 

Sam is an aspiring baker with a love for travel, fashion, and horror movies. He loves taking photos and modeling with his friends.
Follow his Tik Tok @sam_robbin2

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Fulfillment Specialist

Brittney is a master of gift wrapping and a only does things with meticulous detail. She loves spending time with her adorable son.

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Crafting Specialitist 

Eskel an aspiring librarian and our creative, super crafter. They can transform any space with paper, scissors, glue, and fabric. 

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Social Media & content Consultant

Sam is a spooky fashionista, TikTok content creator, and social media expert. She's an expert at social media strategy and loves haunting all the ghoulest places around Orlando.

Be sure to follow @pizzaqueensam

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Creative Partner & Artist

Troy is a professional Illustrator and Information Designer with over 20 years of experience. Troy has created everything from app icons to massive murals, and his clients range from local merchants to international companies.

Collaborations: Troy is the artist behind our popular Spook Show, Emberly-inspired Tiki card collection. He's also the genius behind our horror-themed travel art prints. 



Social Media Coodinator

Claire is a Global Marketing graduate of  the University of Florida. She is a master of puns and word-play. She loves going to concerts, traveling, and cooking.

Spooky Cat's Collaborator's

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Freelance Blog Writer

Susan is the writer behind many of our blog articles. She's a horror-fanatic with her own podcast. when she's not teaching at Full Sail University.

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Freelance Artist / Model 

Liv has a passion for art, Mother Nature, and all things sinister and spooky. She credits this to her zodiac sign, Scorpio. She's currently studying Art Therapy at Florida State University.

Collaborations: Liv is the beautiful model in many of our website photos. She is also the artist behind the many of our popular gothic t-shirts and phone cases. 

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Freelance Artist

Leila is a horror-loving artist with a talent for hand-lettering. She's currently studying Multi-Media Design at the University of Florida. 

Collaborations: Leila is the artist behind the Black Cat Ouija and Creep it Real artwork. She brings a more laid-back sensibility and style of work.

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