Fully finished flower!

Witch-Craft Tip: How to make a Booquet

How to make a Booquet

A great gift for your ghoulfriends or your dates! This step by step tutorial on how to make the Booquet is shown in a few of the SpookyCat Press videos.

Beauty shot of SpookyCat paper

✂ Materials you will need for your Booquet:

  • Novelty SpookyCat Press Paper (the paper I am using is linked below!)
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • A Ruler
  • Rubber Bands


  • A few Dowels or Chop Sticks
  • Hot glue or tape

Step 1: Cut Your Paper!

  • Take your SpookyCat paper

  • Measure out six 6 cm by 10.5 cm rectangles

  • Cut them out

Grid of how to cut out the petals

Step 2: Fold Your Petals

Petal folded in half along the middle line
Folding the corners in towards the middle liine of the paper
All of the corners folded towards the center of the petal
The outside edge folded in towards the middle
Both outside edges folded in towards the middle
  • Fold the rectangle in half and then unfold it. 

  • Fold all of the corners in towards the center line. 

  • Fold the outside edges in towards the center line.

Please repeat this step on each of your petals!

Step 3: Stack the petals                         

 Now that you have all of your petals, you've got to stack them!

  • Take one of your petals and layer it into the center of another petal, that you want to be the middle of the flower.

  • Then, grab another set of two and do the same thing!

  • Do this until all of your petals are in stacks of two


Step 4: Rubber band the petals             

  • Take your stacks of double layered petals and line them up side by side.

  • After that, grab your handy rubber band or string, and wrap it around the center of the petals so that they are all squished together

Stacking all the petals and then rubbering band them  together.

Step 5: Fold out

Once your petals are tied together, fold each petal on the outside in half, outwards! You want to end up with a star shape.

Folding the petals on the flower out

Step 6: Fold Petals Up                          

With your star shape completed;

  • Flip your star upside down so that the center folds are up

  • Grab the top layer of one of the petals and fold it upwards by inverting the paper

  • Repeat this step for each of the layer of petals on the top, and manipulate each petal to sit nicely on the flower

  • Finally, do the same to the bottom later of paper so that the flower has another row of petals.


Step 7: Optional Step, Glue to sticks    

Not pictured: On the underside of the flower you have just made is a divots that fit a dowel or chopstick perfectly! Take some of your hot glue and put a few drops into a divot and then put your stick of choice in there!

Fully folded and finished bloom

Folding the petals upwards


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