A list of Spooky Cats' Goth Snacks, and their descriptions.

For the Love of Goth Snacks!

Which goth snack is your favorite?

From Goth Milk to Tears of my Enemies Boba, the world of goth snacks is incredibly varied! Come get yourself a delicious cup of Goth Noodles to sate you while you read!

Goth snacks sheet, titled "I Heart Snacks" with the subtitile "Official Goth Snacks Guide". Depicting Spooky Cat Midnight Treats, Vampurr Juice, Goth Milk, Goth Noodles, BeBeBatz, and Tears of Enemies with Boba.

To truly appreciate your tasty and spooky snacks, you have get to know how they are made!

Spooky Cat Midnight Treats: Dive into the enchanting world of these mysterious treats that have the magical ability to learn your most profound craving of the moment and immediately gratify it! Let yourself be enraptured by the beautiful mouthfeel that will keep you up past midnight! These are a fantastic addition to the family of goth snacks.

Vampurr Juice: This ethically sourced Vampurr Juice is a great way to get in your daily blood intake! Made with 100% concentrated Vampire Cat blood, donated at a Spooky Blood Drive. Be sure to shake well before drinking! Cheers to a hauntingly satisfying and ethically conscious beverage choice!

Goth Milk: Indulge in organic Black Sheep milk that strengthens your bones, and hear the melancholy music the sheep were raised on while you sip! Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of taste and experience a beverage that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to savor every moment of this ethereal delight.

Tears of Enemies with Boba: The divine flavor of the tears of your enemies mixed with those same enemies eyes, as the boba, makes for an amazing little treat to get you through your day. Taste this sweet victory to fuel your righteous triumph. 

Goth Noodle: Worms or noodles? That is the age old question! And with Goth Noodles, you can have both! This wiggly meal will get you wiggling with it! Taste the earthen flavor of the worms with the savory aspect of the noodles. Surrender yourself to the dark and delicious mix of Worms and Noodles.

BeBeBatz: These freeze dried baby bat chips are the perfect snack on the go! Not only are they delectable, they are cute too! Each chip is a perfect bite of pure batty goodness. Delight in every bite as you savor the extraordinary fusion of yummy and delightful in this one-of-a-kind snack!

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