Aquarius Horrorscope

Aquarius Horrorscope

Aquarius Horrorscope (January 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius (January 20 - Feb 18) The Water Bearer

Named after the Great One, there is no question why Aquarius think so highly of themselves. The Great One nourishes the Earth with rain and water, setting forth a chain reaction of growth and greenery. Associated with the Great Flood myth across cultures, the Great One can also bring destruction in the form of flooding and storms. 

Another myth is focused on the beautiful Ganymede, the son of a king. Zeus came upon Ganymede, and love, at first sight, overcame the king of the gods. Abducting the gorgeous youth, Zeus brought him to Olympus to be his companion, tasked with pouring wine for the gods. 

Charming and devoted, Aquarius are often optimistic folks. Their esoteric nature causes them to appear rebellious, seeking out those who understand them and their need for freedom and independence. Earn that devotion from your favorite Aquarius by gifting them a beautifully designed coffee mug, tshirt, or phone case

The gorgeous cards from the Horrorscope Zodiac collection are a perfectly suited gift for your favorite Aquarius and they look amazing when framed! Of course you can always treat yourself instead of relying on others. 😼 

Infamous Aquarius:

Federico Fellini, January 20, 1920, film director

Anton Chekhov, January 29, 1860, playwright

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, January 27, 1756, composer

Lon Chaney Jr, February 10, 1906, Actor

George A. Romero, February 4, 1940, horror filmmaker

Tobe Hooper, January 25, 1943, horror director

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