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Ghouls for Life

Ready to celebrate Ghoulentine's Day?

What is Ghoulentine’s Day? It's the dark side of Galentine's Day for celebrating your strange and unusual besties, your coven, and your ride-or-die ghouls!

Did you know Galentine's Day was a creation of a fictional character, Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), from the NBC TV series "Parks and Recreation"? Much like Friendsgiving is to Thanksgiving, Galentine's Day takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, and is a day to celebrate your best friends!

We're all in for a holiday dedicated to celebrating our coven...or as we call it, Ghoulentine's Day.


In celebration of girl power, ghoul friends, and Galentine's, here are some Horror movies and shows that will make you appreciate your BFFs. 

Galentine's Day and horror movies are a perfect combination. As much as we can appreciate a solid friendship like Leslie & Ann's, some of us have more of the gothy vibes from April's side. Celebrate your friendships with your spooky besties and lean into the season of pretty pastel goth cards and gift wrap.

Sometimes our best friends live far away, so we're including some content that would work over remote watch parties! Queue it up & watch with your BFF from afar. Don't forget to send them gift and show some love your faraway ghoulentine. A little galentine card and sticker would really brighten their day.

The Craft (1996)

This movie is a lesson in the power of young women and the bonds of friendship. The new kid at school Sarah Bailey falls into a group of troubled young women. Each member has a storied past and a potential power brewing within. Sarah adds the missing element to their group, and each woman's power grows uncontrollably. Be sure to remain loyal to your coven, because turning your back on your friends or using your powers for selfish reasons will have detrimental consequences. This cult classic movie is perfect for watching with your fellow weirdos.

“We’re the weirdos, Mister”

The Craft, 1996; Columbia Pictures​​

If you're a fan of "the Craft" you'll love this homage wall art. This gothic girl art print is a tribute to all the strange and unusual girls. The perfect wall art for your Nevermore dorm room.

The Descent (2005)

The Descent features a group of women who bond together by going on yearly adventures. This year's trip features spooky spelunking (isn't all spelunking spooky?) deep inside an unmapped cave system. Tensions are high after some friendship drama is slowly revealed as the women are being hunted by subterranean humanoid creatures. The tight spaces, darkness, and literal backstabbing are scary enough to ensure I will never step foot inside a cave with my "friends." True loyalty is tested in times of extreme duress, who would you rather be trapped fighting off monsters alongside? Celebrate that bestie and promise to never leave her for dead on your next girl's trip.

​Pathé Distribution​

Wednesday (TV series)

Diametrically opposed roommates Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair form an unlikely friendship in Netflix's Wednesday series. Enid is colorful, full of positivity, and a supportive friend to the gothic allergic-to-color Wednesday. Their friendship blossoms throughout the series as they continue to support each other. Celebrate the pastel goth in your life this Ghoulentine's season. 


This gothic gift wrap is inspired by Wednesday and Enid's friendship, it's the perfect balance of black and pastels for Ghoulentine's Day. 

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jennifer's Body is a dark comedy coming-of-age film directed by Karyn Kusama. Besties Needy Lesnicki and Jennifer Check are making their way through high school with typical teenage drama. In this case, their drama includes Jennifer being sacrificed in a Satanic ritual and possessed by a demon and it's up to her BFF to stop her murderous rage. Be sure to thank your BFF from the last time she saved some poor souls from your wrath with our Ghouls Night Out Art Print.

20th Century Fox​​

These pretty monster socks will make the perfect gift so show your monster love for your know, the one who eats boys for fun.

American Horror Story: Coven (TV series)

AHS Coven is another lovely example of unlikely female friendships. A group of enchanted young women attend a school for witches that aims to help them harness their power within. As usual, when young women discover their inner power, things get out of control quickly. The women are bound together by power and circumstances and they learn that they are stronger together. 

The drama, the deaths (and resurrections), the fashion...."Balenciaga!!!!" 

20th Century Fox​​

Your best witches need this magical mug for their morning brew.

Raw (2016)

Raw is a coming-of-age film unlike any I had seen before. This gruesome French film focuses on a complex relationship between sisters. Both are studying at a veterinary school, and the younger sister Justine is enduring the pressures of hazing emphasized by expectations from her older sister not to embarrass her. A lifelong strict vegetarian, Justine begins to experience unusual cravings after being forced to eat rabbit kidneys. Her hunger is only amplified when her sister eggs her on in an unfortunate video. This movie truly made me appreciate my own IRL sister. Celebrate your own flesh and blood this season with some wonderful gothy tributes. 

Focus World​​

Happy Ghoulentine’s, Friends!

Be sure to show some love to your coven with our collection of Gothic & Horror Galentine’s CollectionFrom Gothic Galentine’s day cards to Valloween Socks, we’ve goth your Ghoulentine’s covered!

"There is no exquisite beauty…without some strangeness in the proportion" ~ Edgar Allen Poe.

If you can't get enough of Ghoulentine's, check out our Goth Galentine's Day Collection for the perfect spooky Galentine card and gift for your bestie.


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