Halloween Tarot Collection

Halloween Tarot Collection

blog post by Susan Williams (@horrorginger)

Death ~ The Headless Horseman

Death is coming and he is the Headless Horseman. 

The Death tarot card represents a change or transformation in your life - or when drawn from the deck in reversal - a refusal of change. This tarot card design was inspired by the Headless Horseman, an unyielding entity that refuses to let go of the past. The ghost of the Headless Horseman emerges from hell once a year around Halloween. Using a jack-o-lantern as a temporary substitute, this deadly dark knight roams Sleepy Hollow in a never-ending search for his head. 

Upright: Transformation, change, moving on to a new phase in life

Reversed: fear of change, holding on to the past

Astrology: Scorpio

Elements: Water

The Moon ~ Black Cat

Never cross a Black Cat on a full moon. 

The Moon tarot card often represents fear and illusions, just like our black scaredy cat. Perhaps you hold onto painful memories or anxiety from a bump in the night, these fears overwhelm a person if they’re not let go. Soothe your inner scaredy-cat, trust your senses, and listen to your intuition. 

Upright: Illusion, intuition

Reversed: Release of Fear

Astrology: Pisces

Elements: Water

The Emperor (of Halloween) ~ Pumpkin King

Who is the Pumpkin King and Emperor of Halloween? 

The Pumpkin King of Halloween represents the Emperor card in our tarot set. An ambitious and stubborn ruler, the Pumpkin King is always searching for his next noble adventure. This skeletal Jack-O-Lantern guides his underlings with a firm and spooky hand. The Emperor tarot represents control in difficult situations. 

Upright: security, control, ambition

Reversed: stubborn, undisciplined

Astrology: Aries

Elements: Fire

Judgment ~ Krampus

Judgment is coming and his name is Krampus. Be ready to celebrate Krampusnacht on Dec. 5th. 

The Christmas demon beast is here to represent the Judgement tarot card. Krampus is perfectly matched to symbolize Judgement, as he is the embodiment of the consequences of one’s actions. Krampus will present gifts to the good children and severe punishment to those who have been naughty. You better watch out, and you will almost definitely cry if you’ve been bad this year.

Upright: awakening, purpose, reckoning

Reversed: failure to learn lessons

Astrology: Pluto

Elements: Fire

The Lovers ~ Skeleton's Embrace

Love never dies. The Lovers share a romantic embrace in this Tarot inspired romantic card. 

The Lovers of Valdaro beautifully represent the Love Tarot card. These skeletons were found in a lover’s embrace in Italy and could be 6,000 years old. This card is representative of love, relationships, coupling, and partnership. In the case of the Valdaro Lovers, it can mean love that goes beyond “til death do us part.”

Upright: love, relationships, union

Reversed: imbalance, conflict

Astrology: Gemini

Elements: Air

The Empress ~ Vampire Queen

The Empress celebrates our strength and femininity. 

The Empress tarot card is represented by our Vampire Queen - the ultimate feminine force. Using her strength and femininity, the Empress rules with an empathetic touch. Her presence reflects an abundance of harvest, life, and death. 

Upright: femininity, fertility, strength

Reversed: infertility, negligence

Astrology: Taurus

Elements: Earth

The King of Swords ~ Skeleton Knight

The King of Swords represents intellectual power, clarity, truth, and authority. A Minor Arcana card, the King of Swords is a call to find your wisdom and express your truth in a way that can help yourself and others. 

Upright: Discipline

Reversed: Manipulative

Astrology: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Elements: Air

The Hermit ~ Death Cloaked in Graveyard

Death is the Hermit, cloaked in his despair. 

Death walks alone, holding his lantern to light the way. His path is illuminated only a few steps ahead of him as he slowly follows the lonely path to find the next person he must guide to the afterlife. 

Upright: isolation, inner guidance

Reversed: loneliness, withdrawal

Astrology: Virgo

Elements: Earth

The Hanged Man ~ a Slumbering Vampire

The Hanged Man lusts for blood in his vampire castle. Blood is Life. 

Surrender yourself to the bloodthirsty creature of death. The Hanged Man tarot card represents a sacrifice for the greater good. The Hanged Man sees things from a different perspective - one you can only achieve if you allow yourself to let go. 

Upright: sacrifice, surrender, metamorphosis 

Reversed: missing opportunity 

Astrology: Pisces

Elements: Water

The Magician ~ A Scarecrow Witch

The Magician conjures the dead to rise again. 

The Magician tarot card represents manifestation, tapping into the seeker's innermost desires, willing them into existence. Much like the scarecrow witch, who was conjured into existence and now works to bring others to this world from her pumpkin realm.

Upright: creation, inspiration, resourcefulness

Reversed: trickery, deception

Astrology: Gemini

Elements: Air

Our Halloween Tarot Cards are mini art prints full of vintage Halloween nostalgia.


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