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What to Wear to Halloween Horror Nights

Get Ready for Halloween

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is the biggest Halloween-related event in Orlando, Florida. Halloween Horror Nights (aka HHN) takes place annually during nights in the fall after the park closes and transforms into a spooky wonderland. This event generally runs from the first weekend in September until Halloween (although in the past it has continued into November). 

Most known for its elaborate haunted houses and spooky drink options, HHN is a must-attend for the spooky-minded folks of Central Florida. 

Consider the Weather

Florida's weather is unpredictable. I went to HHN 2021 in late September & it poured buckets. I came prepared with one of those cheap plastic rain ponchos (which saved about $20 compared to the Universal branded ones). I prefer the small foldable ponchos to the umbrella option so I don't have to carry something. Check the weather and plan accordingly. 

a couple is posing for the camera. one person is wearing a poncho, and the other is visibly soaking wet.
Susan Williams ​​2021
two people in ponchos walking towards a half circle building front that is covered in lit jack-o-lanterns.
Susan Williams 2021​​

Dress for comfort

Wearing comfortable clothes is key for standing in long queues for the haunted houses. Shoes that can withstand walking 10 miles are also a necessity. It's rarely cold in Florida, but there have been a couple of times when I needed a jacket. Again, check the weather and be prepared!

Susan Williams - 2010(?)​​ 
Susan Williams - 2006​​(ish)

A trip to Halloween Horror Nights is the time to break out your adorable spooky clothes. Wear t-shirts from your favorite horror movies and match them with skater skirts. It can still be brutally humid in September and October. Pants might be too much, especially if you plan on getting there before the sun goes down. I prefer skirts (with pockets if possible), leggings or tights, and comfortable shoes. I've put together a couple of looks featuring vintage Halloween shirts from Spooky Cat! T-shirts are easy to wear and are light enough to survive the thrills, chills, and spills you will experience during this event. A couple of easy modifications will make your t-shirt look cute and fitted.

  • Roll the sleeves (use safety pins to secure if you're worried about coming unraveled)
  • Tuck in your shirt
  • Knot your T-shirt
  • Fold the T-shirt under your bra to hold it in place for a crop top without having to chop it! 

Show off your horror accessories. Do you have a cute bag shaped like a jack-o-lantern 🎃 ? Bat wings that slide onto your shoelaces? Deck the halls with bats & skulls! 

Remember: Drink water, bring your earplugs, scream your head off, and enjoy. 

Vintage Halloween t-shirts are perfect for showing off your love for Halloween.

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